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Bioluminescent animals make their own light.

In Living Light, discover how and why bioluminescent creatures glow, and what that special ability can tell scientists about how diseases such as cancer and malaria spread in humans. These light makers are facing threats from the effects of climate change, pollution and loss of habitat, and they need our protection. Young readers will learn about bioluminescence and how they can help them.


The first book in an environmental fiction series that features two young characters helping to solve real-world problems.

Light pollution threatens the survival of every living species on Earth, including people.

Today, in urban centers all over the world, the stars in the sky have become invisible. Millions of people have never seen the Milky Way. In Saving the Night, we discover how plants and animals have adapted over millions of years to survive and thrive in the dark, and how artificial light can upset the balance of entire ecosystems. But there are ways we can take back the night for animals, plants and people. It starts with the flick of a switch.

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The sounds of nature are being drowned out by the clamor of human activity.

Every living thing emits sound—birds sing, whales whistle, streams burble and trees pop and fizzle. In Listen Up, young readers are introduced to all the sounds of the natural world, from the first Big Bang to the complex soundscapes of the rainforests.

Readers will also discover the human-made sounds from airplanes, traffic, generators and other machines are threatening the survival of species that have adapted their communication over thousands of years.

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